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A revolutionary system

stakemaster offers you, as an experienced company in the field of crypto currency, a way to put your own money engine into operation in just a few steps


The stakemaster software guarantees you almost risk-free profits Even with the smallest deposits high returns can be achieved

earnings power plant

With our Coin-terminal, which is included in your package, the world of crypto currencies is open to you The system works automatically and completely independently


The subject of security is very important to us That's why our coin terminals are equipped with the latest security software

crypto currencies.

The world of crypto currencies

With more than 3000 different crypto currencies the world has entered a new age and an end is hardly in sight Quite the contrary, the virtual currency is on the advance and experts see more coins and a real replacement for country-specific national currencies in the future

Unfortunately, the jungle of crypto currencies is still very mysterious and real regulation is still a long way away In order to trade such coins, you either have to have very extensive experiences and developed a feel for them, or you are a financial genius that can foresee any changes

We at stakemaster don't think either of these is necessary to generate secure and profitable returns, because we have found the solution for you in the crypto jungle and developed a revolutionary system.

Why stakemaster

A convincing system

stakemaster is the new and secure platform where you can achieve high returns with little effortTake full advantage of our system

High security
Selected Coins
Simple payout
Daily profits
Powerful PC
Instant action
The Concept

The Background

The jungle of crypto currencies is phenomenally large and very intransparent Only a handful of coin concepts have really made it to success and offer serious chances of profits For many a direct comparison is impossible or simply too complicated to carry out long-term research Usually it fails with the prospective customers at time and patience, since a manual acting requires also a higher attention, because like we all knowledge, the financial world of the coins does not know any break

The solution

The stakemaster has now introduced a sophisticated software to the market, where everyone, whether experienced or inexperienced, can successfully trade on the crypto market with just a few simple steps

How is it possible? Very simple

stakemaster offers you a pre-installed coin terminal that you can simply put into operation at home, in the office or elsewhere with an electricity and Internet connection and without any previous knowledge or hardware and software experience. After connecting the system, load your desired coins and the successful mining begins

The Hardware

The Coin Terminal

You will receive your personal and pre-installed coin terminal with the stakemaster program within 30 days after signing a contract The system starts mining immediately after connection and produces your profits

The small mini-PC runs on Linux base and the most modern security systems are pre-installed. So you don't have to be afraid of hackers or viruses The PC is equipped with the latest Intel processor generation, works with DDR3 main memory and a fast SSD hard disk In addition to the stakemaster software, a support module is also installedSo you don't have to do anything yourself if you have problems and if necessary have everything fixed by our experienced software specialists

Of course, you always have access to your wallet through our applications, which you install on your PC or mobile phone, and can therefore access your winnings immediately

stakemaster pc
Your chance


We will send you a compact terminal box with all the necessary cables. This box is optimized for the stakemaster software Thus a selected hardware is also installed, which is resource-saving and therefore extremely economical (power consumption approx. $ 30,- per year) In contrast to the classic Bitcoin or Altcoin mining, the energy costs will hardly consume the profit.


The included and pre-installed software is a real money machine. As soon as the coin terminal is connected and you have loaded your desired coins on the stakemaster, it starts mining for you immediately By the optimized programming, a high net yield can be obtained by shortest capital employment without the use of big mining devices


You have the possibility to access your active wallets at any time and thus have full cost control Profits are immediately deposited on your wallet and can also be withdrawnIf you decide to increase your winnings instead, you can increase your wallet as you wishThe higher your investment, the higher the returns

Your way to a lucrative profit


Just sign up on our site and order your coin terminal, plug it in and you're ready to go

Not yet a wallet?

If you are still an absolute newcomer to the crypto scene, don't worry. Use our link to well-known wallet providers or contact our support free of charge who will explain you step by step how you can earn your first coins

Buy Coins

In order to successfully realize your return, you must set your own budget after connecting your coin terminal and linking your wallet, which you would like to deal with